We decided to enter into the Bucks4Buckie competition and ask for £2000 towards our Plastic Recycling Environmental Project – PREP. Now we would like to share our journey in a blog!

Presenting on behalf of Moray Reach Out were Shona Radojkovic (General & Business Development Manager), Laura Campbell (MRO Recycling Team Leader) and Buckie trainees Louise Chalmer and William Mair.

With the team in place, we started to make a plan of how best to get our message across. We thought of the questions people needed the answers to, in order to understand what we were planning to do. We wanted to express the benefits of our project to us and to the community. We decided to present it like a conversation, asking and answering the questions what, why and how!

Whilst Laura and Shona discussed the project, William and Louise were happy to show off their knowledge by separating a bag of plastic bottles and trays into types 1 and 2 (that’s PETE and HDPE). They also showed through some fun facts, just how achievable our plans could be.

We went along to the Bucks4Buckie open evening, where we familiarised ourselves with the venue, tried out the microphone and planned how we would set everything up on the day.

We met on two separate occasions prior to the event and practised until everyone was happy with what they had to say or do.


What did we want to buy? – A granulator and bagging unit.

Why? – 3 reasons
• To increase the value of our plastic and find an end market for it
• To keep plastic off the streets and out of the North Sea
• To create a new training project and learn new skills

How? – Have a look at the video to see our fun facts! You can watch the video of the presentation via this link. It’s only 2 minutes long!

We were all so chuffed and there was no hesitation from all our team to get up and receive the Award from Stewart Stevenson, SNP, MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast once the voting had taken place.

On behalf of Moray Reach Out, we would like to thank Buckie Area Regeneration Forum for organising the event, which gave so many groups in Buckie a real boost! Congratulations to all who presented, you were all amazing!