This week we have been showing off our new showroom and embroidery room at In Stitches! We made the decision that we should switch things around as we need a bit more space for the trainees to continue their training on the machines.

We started by clearing the back room which had previously been used for stock and as a meeting room. Then we invested in brand new stands for our embroidery machines. We (very carefully!) moved our machines to the back and setup shop!

Having the embroidery workshop in the back allows us to create a more structured day with trainees. Each trainee’s progress can be reviewed and monitored in greater detail.

With the machines moved to the back, our shop had a whole new free space in the front! We decided to use it to create a showroom where our customers can see the range of our stock and the quality of our garments!

We have been so happy with the results so far! Our trainees love the space and have been getting more and more involved in both the embroidery and the showroom!