Moray Reach Out wants to highlight one of our trainees in Lossiemouth who loves working at the recycling facility! Paul is one of the originals on the Waste Watchers team as he started out at our Buckie site and then switched to working at Lossiemouth when we took over processing. Paul offered to tell us about his experience working with the Waste Watchers team and why he thinks recycling is important to the community!

When asked why he likes working at Waste Watchers Paul answered, because it’s really good fun, he enjoys working on every job and tidying up throughout the day. He also said that he enjoys working as part of a team and helping others!

Outside of Waste Watchers Paul enjoys taking part in the Six Harbour Walk/Cycle! He also loves football – he is a huge Chelsea fan! He explained that he has also been doing a lot of running as he is training for a marathon next March!

Paul discussed why he thinks recycling is so important. He said that if there wasn’t recycling, everything would just be dumped all around including the beach! He went on to say that if the Waste Watchers team didn’t help to process the recycling there would be big piles of rubbish everywhere. Paul feels that it is really important to keep our community clean!

Moray Reach Out wants to recognise all of the great work our trainees do to help our community recycle!